Applicable to:   Fitness Professional Fitness Professional

1. From your Dashboard page, you will see a triple bar icon on the top-left corner. Click it.

2. A menu will appear. Click "Clients" from the menu.

3. You will then be redirected to your Clients' list page. Click "Add" in the top-right corner. 

4. Next, fill out the "New Client" page with your client's first and last name.

5. If you have your client's email address, you can now invite him/her to open a GymCloud account, allowing him/her to view and schedule workouts and enter results. To send an invitation, simply click "Add an email invitation."

6. A new box will then appear, allowing you to enter your client's email address. Enter the email address, then click "save & invite."

7. You will be directed back to your Clients' list page. The new client's name will appear on the list.