Adding a New Program Template

Program Template is a master program you can create and save in your library to use again and again with different clients, saving you time and work. Also, once you assign a program template to a specific client, you can modify the copy of the program in that client’s account. Please remember that changes you make in a specific client’s program are NOT saved in your master Program Template library.

  • Creating or editing a workout or program can only be done on the desktop app.

  • After logging in to your GymCloud account, you will be directed to the Dashboard page. You will see a list on the left side of the page. Click Program Templates.

  • Clicking Program Templates will redirect you to your Program List page, where you can see all the programs in your library. To create a new program, click the Add Program Template button at the top of the page.

  • Next, an Add Program Template pop-up box will appear. Type the name of your new program and click Add Program Template.  (In this case, we are creating a "Weight Loss" program.)

  • Next, you will be directed to your Program Overview page. Here you can add a program description and add a program video if you wish.

  • Click Save when you are finished. You can click Edit if you wish to make changes

  • Click the Workouts tab to begin building your program.

Adding and Managing Weeks

  • The first step in adding workouts to a program is to set the number of weeks the program will last. Then you will place workouts in the appropriate week(s).

  • From your Program Overview page, add a week by hitting the +Wk button on the top-left of the page. You can add as many weeks as needed.

  • To edit the name of a week, click the Pen icon. After making your changes, hit your Enter button or click outside the text box to save those changes.

  • To Copy a week, click the Copy icon. The  newly copied week, and any workouts it contains, will appear below the original week.

  • To Delete a week, click the trashcan icon. A confirmation popup will appear. Click the Delete button to confirm your decision.

Adding Workouts

  • From your Program Overview page, add a workout by hitting the +Wkt button on the top-left of the page.
  • You can select a preexisting workout from your library or create a new workout on the spot by clicking +Add New from the list. (To learn how to build a new workout, click here: How to Build a Workout)
  • You can Move workouts by using drag and drop on the blue up/down arrowson the left side of the Week/Workout list.

    Duplicating or Deleting a Workout

    • To Duplicate or Delete a workout, click the 3 Dot icon on the right side of the workout's name header.
    • A list of options will appear. If you click Duplicate, the duplicated workout will appear at the bottom of the workouts for the current week.
    • If you click Delete, a confirmation popup will appear. Confirm your choice by clicking Delete.

    Renaming a Program or Program Workout

    • To edit the name of the Program, click the current name in the address bar.
    • Make any text changes you wish, then click outside the text field to save your changes.
    • To edit the name of a Program Workout, click the current name in the workout's blue header.
    • Make any text changes you wish, then click outside the text field to save your changes.

    Saving a Program Workout to Your Workout Templates

    • To Save a program workout to your Workout Templates, click the 3 Dot icon on the right side of the workout's name header.
    • A list of options will appear. Click Save Workout.
    • In the popup that appears, select a folder from your Workout Templates and then click Save.

    Deleting a Program

    • To Delete a program, click the caret icon in the upper right corner of the Program Overview page.
    • Click Delete, then confirm your choice in the popup by clicking Delete.
    • You will be returned to your main Program Templates folder.

    Creating a Unique Program for a Client

    • To create a unique program for a client without using a Template, navigate to Clients > {name of client} > Programs.
    • Next, click the + Add Program button.
    • Enter the name of the new program in the popup that appears and click “Create”. This creates a blank template and adds it to your client’s list of programs.
    • Click the link to the program when it appears in the client's list of assigned programs.
    • Read How to Modify an Assigned Program or Workout if you need further instructions.