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Adding new program template

1. After logging in to your GymCloud account, you will be directed to the Dashboard pageYou will see a list on the left side of the page. Click "Program Templates."

2. Clicking "Program Templates" will redirect you to your Program List page, where you can see all the programs in your library. To create a new one, click the "Add Program Template" button at the top of the page.

3. Next, an "Add Program Template" pop-up box will appear. Type the name of the new program in the

 "Enter Name" box and click "Add Program Template." 

(In this case, we are adding "Weight Loss" program.)


4. Next, you will be directed your Program Overview page. A confirmation box will appear in the top-right corner of the page, displaying "New item added." 

Adding and organizing weeks

1. From your Program Overview page, add a week by hitting the "+WK" button on the top-left of the page.

2. You can add as many weeks as needed.

3. You could rename the name of the week by pressing 'pencil' icon nearby the name

4. Enter a new week's name and press 'Save' button

4. Here you could see updates

Deleting weeks

1. Choose a corresponding week and nearby its name mouse over and click 'X' icon on the left side.

2. Confirm the deletion by clicking "delete" in the confirmation box.

Adding workouts

1. From your Program Overview page, find '+WKT' button if you want to add a workout 

2. You could add a new workout by clicking at '+ ADD NEW' or choose an existed one from the list

3. Find the workout you want to add and click it. (In this case, we're adding Bodyweight circuit)

4. Using drag-n-drop you could move this workout to the week, that you choose


If you wish to add a new workout, check out this link: Workout Templates: How To Build A Workout

Duplicating Workout(s)

1. To duplicate a workout, first, click the triple-dot icon which can be found along the workout title box.

2. A list of options will then appear. Click "duplicate".

The duplicate workout will appear under the original workout.

Deleting Workout(s)

1. Click the triple-dot icon in the title box of your workout, then choose "delete."

2. Confirm the deletion by clicking "delete" in the confirmation box.

Deleting a program

1. From your Program Overview page, click the (v) button at the top-right corner, beside "assign" then click "delete".

2. A confirmation box will pop up. Click "delete."