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1. From your Dashboard page click "Workouts" from the menu.

2. Upon clicking "workouts" from your Dashboard page, you will then be redirected to the list of workouts assigned to you. Beside each workout, you can see the "Enter Results" button. Click the one beside the workout you want to enter your results to. (In this case, we're entering the results of the "Day 1 Chest/Triceps" workout.)

3. Under each exercise in your workout, there is an "Add New Result" button. Click this button, starting with the first exercise.

4. Entry boxes will then appear, allowing you to enter your exercise results. Fill in the necessary boxes and click the (+) button.

5. Your exercise results will be displayed, indicating that they have been saved. Repeat this process until you complete all sets for this exercise. Then, proceed to the next exercise until you finish the workout.

6. Additionally, you can also click the "Personal Best" button if the results you entered are the best results you have so far.