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Downloading or printing a PDF copy of a workout

1. From your Dashboard, click "Workout Templates."

2. Next, find the workout that you want to print or download and click it. (In this case, we're downloading and printing "Day 1 Chest/Triceps" workout.)

3. You will then be directed to your Workout Overview Page. On the top-right corner, click the "Print" button.

4. To set the printer to be used, click the "Change" button under Destination.


5. A list of available printers will appear. Locate the printer you're going to use and click it. (In this case, we're using Snagit11.)


6. After selecting the printer, you will be directed back to the Print Preview Page. Click "Print."


7. On the other hand, if you wish only to save a copy of it, click "Change."


8. Then click "Save as PDF."


9. Next, click "Save" from the Print Preview Page.


10. Find the destination for your saved file and click "Save."


A PDF copy of your workout will then start to download.

Downloading or printing PDF copy of a PROGRAM.

Downloading or printing a PDF copy of a Program is similar to printing a workout. The first few steps are as follows:

1. From your Dashboard page, click "Program Templates."

2. From your list of programs, find the program you want to print or download and click its name. (In this case, we're downloading or printing "Metamorphosis.")

3. Next, click (v) button and from the list, click "Print."

Then follow STEP 4 through STEP 10 listed above.