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When you are working with your GymCloud coach, recording a video of your workout can help your coach to ensure proper form and safe execution of your exercises. It also helps you and your fitness professional keep track of your progress. 

Here are some simple ways to film yourself while exercising:

Ask for Help

The easiest way to make a brief video of an exercise is to ask someone for help. It might seem a little awkward at first, but keep in mind that gym staff members are always willing to lend a hand. Just ASK. Or you can also just ask someone working out nearby. Most folks are happy to help, and you might make a new friend. 

Use a Cell Phone Tripod or Anti-Gravity Cell Phone Case

If you want to record on your own, a cell phone tripod can be useful. Portable tripods are convenient  and can be used with all kinds of phones. There are also anti-gravity phone cases available now for iPhones that you just stick to any smooth surface. Here are examples of both: 

Mini Cell Phone Tripod: 

Ant-gravity cell phone cases: 

Be Resourceful and Get Creative

Be creative. Prop your phone up anywhere nearby. You can put your phone on your bag and roll up a towel to support it. You can also use a chair, a nearby piece of equipment, a window ledge -- whatever is available. Use your imagination! It’s easier than you think!