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Creating your workout

1. When you log into your account, you will first be directed to your Dashboard page. On the menu on the left side of the page, click "Workout Templates."

2. Next, you will be directed to the Workout List page, which lists all the workouts you have previously created. To add a new workout, click the "Add Workout Template" button, which can be found in the upper part of the page.

3. An "Add Workout Template" box will then pop up, asking you to name the workout you want to create. Type the name of your workout and click "Add Workout Template." (In this case, we used "Weight Training")

4. The "Add Workout Template" box will disappear, and you will be directed to the Workout edit page where you can edit your workout. A dialog box will also appear on the top-right corner of the page, stating that a new item was added.

Adding a workout description

1. Adding a description to your workout can provide additional general information or more specific instructions about executing the workout effectively. To add a description, on your Workout edit page, you can find the Workout Description box. Enter your workout description there.

2. After entering the workout description, click the "Save" button which can be found at the top-right corner of the page.

Adding exercises to your workout

1. From your Workout Overview page, you will see a box below the workout video and description boxes. This is called the Workout Constructor. To start adding exercises, click the "Add Exercise" button, which can be found on the lower-left part of the box.

2. A search box will appear, along with a drop-down menu. Simply select an exercise from the drop-down menu to add it to your workout. If you click "Create New Exercise," you will be redirected to the Exercise Overview page so you can create a new exercise. Click this for more info: Exercises: How To Create And Manage

As you repeat the search/enter process, all the exercises you add will appear in the Workout Constructor. You can add as many exercises as needed. (In this case, we added 4 exercises.)

Deleting exercise(s) from a workout

Note: Deleting exercises from your workout will not affect your exercise library.

1. To delete an exercise, simply click the "3 dots icon" and a "delete" option will appear.

2. Next, a confirmation box will appear. Click "delete".

3. After clicking "delete," you will be directed back to your Workout Overview Page and a confirmation box will appear on the top-right corner of the page.

Adding exercise properties

1. In the Workout Constructor box, you will notice a plus (+)  icon appears on the right side of the row. Click the plus (+) icon.

2. After clicking plus (+) icon, a property box will appear.

3. Click "Property" (Icon 1) and a drop-down list of various properties will appear. After selecting the property, you can set a value for this property by typing numbers beside the drop-down box (Icon 2). Then, click the check box (Icon 3) and your entry will be saved. (See 2nd image for reference.) Repeat this process to add multiple properties to the exercise.


4. Alternatively, you can also add the same properties to different exercises in a workout at one time. In the lower right of the Workout Constructor, you will see a plus (+) icon. Click it.

5. After clicking the plus (+) icon, a property box will also appear. Additionally, each exercise will have a grayed-out check beside it. Select properties, set values, click all the exercises you want to assign this property to, and click "Assign."  All checked exercises will have the same properties. 

In this case, we used Set: 2 for Butterfly and Leg CurlThis is how the properties will be displayed: 


Deleting exercise properties

1. To delete an exercise property, simply hover your mouse over the property. As you do, an "x" mark will appear on the property box. Click it and the exercise property will be deleted.

Organizing your exercises

1. You can change the order of the exercises in a workout constructor by moving them. To do this, simply click the up-down arrow icon beside the exercise to be moved, drag it up or down, then release. (In this case, we dragged "Sprint" up.) 

In this screenshot, you will notice that the order of the exercises has been changed. Now (3) Leg Curl becomes the 1st item on the list of exercises.

2. In addition to dragging exercises, you can also change their order numbers. To do this, simply click the "Exercise Orderer," which is the number in the circle beside each exercise, then change it.

In this case, we changed the numbers of the exercises based on their order.

Creating an exercise set

1. Additionally, you can create a SET by changing the "Exercise Orderer" value from numeric to alphanumeric. 

Those exercises that share a similar letter will be included in one set. (In this instance, we created an exercise set in one workout.)

How to delete a workout

1. To delete a workout, first, click the "edit" button at the top-right corner of the workout overview page.

2. Next, a "delete" button will appear on the bottom right corner of the page. Click it.

3. Finally, a confirmation box will then pop up, click "delete."

To learn how to add a video to your workout, check this out: Video Library: How To Add, Assign, And Delete Video